Every season, the fashion designers are surprising us with new and eccentric line of shoes that are shown during every fashion event.

These shoes aren’t for every girl, as well they aren’t for daily walk, but every girl amazed by fashion trends is having at least one pair of these unusual fashion creations in her closet.

One of the most eccentric shoes we have seen was at the Balenciaga’s cat-walk night. Their shoes are on huge platform and represent sandals, made as boots with the combination of different types of fabric and colored leather.

crazy shoes 01Another one, famous for his bold decisions when comes to shoes is Jean Paul Gaultier. The favorite designer of Madonna is adding a new spectacular look to his heels as he invented them to represent snake mouths and tails.

crazy shoes 06

In case you are thinking the shoes couldn’t be odder than this, you must take a look at the Eskimo boots, presented by Chanel. Even one of the classiest brands went for breathtaking style shoes.

crazy shoes 02This spring Yves Saint Laurent tied the tongues of the viewers with a special shoes collection, that looks super avant-garde and perhaps will be chosen only by girls with a vivid imagination.

crazy shoes 04

crazy shoes 05

crazy shoes 03


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