There are several dresses, which fit every occasion. The party outfits are easy to choose when combined with the right accessories. The legendary black dress goes perfect for every event, but if you are going to party just add high heels and jewels, that match your dress.perfect dress

Another good option for a party outfit is a long-sleeved tee. Gap is offering a neutral long tee that matches perfect for all kinds of jeans. When you go partying, don’t forget the glamour. Add to your dress a fun necklace, which brings a shine touch to any look.

long sleeved teeIn case you are going to party right after the office, we advise you to choose a carryall bag. The model is big enough to hold everything you need for the office, but it is with a proper size for a party.

feather head bandLately the feather headband turns to be a very modern accessory. You can wear it at work and still you can glamour the party with its eccentric look. The suede heeled boots are also the stars of the party scene, and they go perfect with an office atmosphere.

suede heeled boots


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