In the countless creations of the fashionable designers launched for 2010, the draped dress was omnipresent, as a reminder of the 20’s-30’s when Madeleine Vionnet created these dresses for the divas of those times.

The dresses designed then are known in today’s collections as being neoclassical, with shapes inspired from the Greek draping. They were made of satin, sheer or silk giving the woman a certain goddess air that made her seductive and irresistible.

The fashion critiques talk about Madeleine Vionnet as being a “fashion Euclid” because all her work was based on geometrical forms which stayed constant all through her collections: cones for sleeves, circles, lines and decorative elements that made the signature of her work.

Her antique inspired dresses were made of heavy crepe and were fixed only in a few points on the body keeping the lightness and giving the body volume and fluent movement; they were full of rich lines which offer the clients the sculptural image of an ancient statue.

Depending on the fabric it is made of, the draped dress can be worn as a day outfit but also as a fabulous evening gown. As amazing as it may seem, it can also be worn part of a casual look matched with short jacket and high heeled boots.

The short and sexy

Short, sexy and very tight on the body, this type of draped dress can become the perfect choice for a night out, going clubbing or attending a wild party. You can go for the classical black but also for nude or shining fabric.

Do not forget to match it properly with the right jewels (which should not be too many considering the design of the dress) but also with the purse and the shoes you will chose to wear it with. Do it so your beautiful legs will be underlined and present your figure the best way you can.

Medium and sassy

Both for a day outfit and for a fashionable soiree, the medium length draped dress gives the wearer a chic and elegant air.

You can choose to underline de dress with a thin belt on the waistline or you can choose a model with a V cut in the front so it will underline de legs. For a plus in elegance you can match it with a pair of velvet or lace long gloves.

Long and languorous

This type of draped dress brings sweet memories of the nymph dresses from the ancient Greek mythology. Extremely feminine, with a cut that slides over the body line, it is that special kind of dress that one should have in her wardrobe. It is perfect for a sophisticated party or a special event.

The stars are wearing it

The celebrity stars choose to wear draped dresses especially on the red carpet where they try to print into the public’s mind the image of beautiful ancient goddesses. The choices of colors are predominantly strong colors like emerald green, purple, red, indigo but also pastel and the classical white.


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