They are back in the game! Yes, blazers are the new fashion “must have” and you can wear them, no matter of their color, fabrics or style. Lately the biggest designers include all kinds of blazers and combine them with casual jeans, mini- skirts and even sport outfits.

blazer 01Some fashion lovers even go farther – they are now searching vintage blazers and combine them with bright colors like pink, ultra red and even green.

blazer 03The fashion experts claim that the place of blazers on the fashion scene is reserved, because blazers could be classy, but yet occasionally sporty.

blazer 04Recently even designers like Mark Jacobs are offering blazers as an elegant decision to your daily look. His blazers are short, tailored and made of wool.

blazer 08The colors are red, green and even grey. Paul Smith presents blazers in neutral tones and pearl colors. The fabrics are cotton, wool, leather and even silk. The most modern colors are cobalt blue, yellow and red.

blazer 02

blazer 06

blazer 05

blazer 07


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