Gucci has always been a synonym of hyper luxury and outspoken fashionable style. Their last collection doesn’t make an exception.

gucci 03Frida Giannini has made perhaps the most successful show in Gucci’s history through two words- simplicity and style.

gucci 07The Gucci collection was based on pure glamour applied in neutral and non colors, rich mixtures and clean lines.

gucci 05The designer was impressed and inspired by the Seventies and Nineties style icons and this was clearly shown in the latest Gucci collection.

gucci 01The models were wearing low pants, short black dresses and lavish new handbags.

gucci 06Python leather and beaver fur was among the favorite materials in last Gucci show. The colors, which will rule the season of Gucci, are white, gray, black and neutral.

gucci 02

gucci 04


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