This season the fashion experts are clear – it is the time for love! The new trends dictate a new modern look, inspired by romantic textures, love colors and luxury lingerie.

Lately at the cat walk shows even the boats are made of satin. More sensual and seductive look is the major tendency in the latest collection of the biggest designers.

ACCESSORIES TRENDSYou can experiment by adding accessories as pearls, pastel colors and sultry lingerie- looking clothes. The handbags are back with their mini look, but they are embroidered and incrusted with crystals, pearls and jewels.

ACCESSORIES TRENDS 04The seductive époque at the fashion scene relay on more feminine look and require raw-edge lace shoe, draped pants and glamour tops.

ACCESSORIES TRENDS 01In case you don’t enjoy that much clothes in pastel colors, you can always go for more black. The femme fatale look is back!

ACCESSORIES TRENDS 03Add tattooed hosiery in your wardrobe and play with the accessories by adding bewitching details like saucy spike.


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