Pants have always been a must have for every woman. The look is simply so sexy on someone who has the right pair of pants and of course the right attitude to actually pull it off.

The evolution of pants has made it pretty difficult for people to decide what to wear because there are simply a lot of options to choose from.

Jeans are simply a must have in anyone’s closet and there are lot of things that one can actually pair them with. They go with almost everything in your closet and they are a viable solution for a daily casual outfit. Of course, jeans are not the only type of pants present in the fashion market.

There is a multitude of pants that one can choose from. There are so many pairs of pants that are perfect for certain occasions, events or places that the choice can be very hard to make up your mind on a certain design.

The styles of 2010 ask for a certain type of woman, ready to be sexy but also ready to blow the audience’s mind with her elegant sense of style.

There are a lot of famous designers that have created pants for women. The 2010 designs are beautiful, daring, bear a mark of character, completely connected with the trends but also up and running to generate that type of outfit women are trying very hard to bring in the world’s attention.

Karl Lagerfeld, the Chanel designer, has created pants suited for the rocker chik and of course kept the very classic Chanel look to which he added chains and paired with a Chanel jacket.

This collection is for someone who wants to look edgy and sexy all at the same time especially if they feel like living a strong impression on the people watching. Some people even thought that this might be a fresh new look for a brand that so far was all for classic designs.

Of course, Chloe did not want to be outdone. Hannah Macgibbon, one of the designers for Chloe, has designed pants for the sophisticated traveler using beige and khaki as the predominant color palette.

It looks something that one would use for safari but still sexy enough to conquer any man. These pants will for sure catch the eye of the stronger sex and make them notice you.

With style and function integrated in one pair of pants, Stefano Pilati, the designer for YSL, brings back that classic pants women would keep forever.

He used a neutral color palette with shades of white, black, grey and blue that will surely match almost everything in your wardrobe.

This design has taken into consideration form and function and that’s why they were made very loose and still very elegant. This is truly something for someone who needs to take care of a busy daily schedule but still wants to look very stylish and sexy.

Fascinated by the classic rock look, Nicolas Ghesquiere, the designer for Balenciaga, decided to create skinny jeans with zippers on the side, which gives this traditional outfit some edge and some innovation.


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