We all know that watching beautiful girls with crazily beautiful clothes is fun, however after the show, the clothes from the wardrobe start on their daily work.

The contrasts between podium and street reality are always there. But the crazy clothes which cannot be worn outside might affect the street style.

For instance, think about the shoes. A working woman or a student walks the whole day, so they cannot wear the “look, I have a skyscraper under my feet” style shoes all the time. But, instead of sneakers and flat boots, the heels show themselves on streets.transparent skirts

The transparent looks, usually, might not get well with street trends. However, the street trends soften it and transfer into a way giving a mysterious and sexy look to women with transparent busts, jackets and skirts.

The jackets might be worn without softening it or changing the style. The podium jackets, which have an independent, rebel, trendy look may be chosen for the women to complete their soft and balanced clothing.

To carry almost everything, a bag is a must in a woman’s outfit. The ones which show themselves on podium are just the right fits to complete the fabulous looks with different variations of clothes and materials.

Skinny fabric pants or jeans are also gifts from the podium trends to the street life with sporty and glamorous combinations.


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