Stella McCartney has always been an example when comes to sport-elegant outfits. Her latest collection experiences a different style that is not typical for the British designer.

Stella McCartneyStella has turned the page of the sporty models into a sensational fashion collection, inspired by sexy look and sensuality. High necked polo shapes with sport elements, embracing tight the body, as well as stripe on sweater in black, combined with cropped trousers – all this is part of her latest collection.

Fashion experts were fascinated by the new sexy look of Stella’s clothes and define the trend as “retro futurism”. Still, Stella keeps her delicate and simple silhouette through lace patterns and hooded jackets.

Stella McCartney 01Jewels, which Stella has chosen for the spring season, are amazingly seductive with their simplicity. Of course in order to keep her symbolic clothes, there are sporty elements even in her grey and cut coats.

Stella McCartney 02Despite this look, this spring Stella McCartney collection is going to surprise the fashion world. Her fashion creations are considerably more chic and look sexier than ever.


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