Rhiannon L is a fashion label that always inspired us for adding a new gentle style of elegance into our wardrobe. Their latest spring collection could be defined as a new impressive spring touch. Rhiannon L offers amazing ensembles, related to the spring spirit.

Their outfits are made to be spectacular and dedicated to those tender women that like to wear pastel colors, stylish belts and refined textures.

perfect outfitThe brand is also offering new long cardigans made with soft textures and garnished with floral motifs. The shoes are in unison with the outfits, as well as their other classy accessories in pink, grey and smooth green.

Topshop is also another good brand in case you are seeking tender and sophisticated look. The British brand is notorious for their quality outfits and this season they rule the fashion scene with floral skate skirts. Woven shirts are also among the latest fashion trends this spring.


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