It is beautiful spring and that is everywhere, even on your nails. The more light colors you are choosing, the more modern manicure you will have. The biggest companies in this area are dictating the fashion in lighter and sweeter colors.

OPI cosmetics offer brand new series nude colors for your nails. Donna Karan has started the fashion season with pale pink colored nails and her models gave a true sign that the spring is here.

Nail trends 01

Another modern trend for the nails is the coral like color at Rosa Cha. Coral nails and golden lemon eye-shadows were the most applauded trends for the Rosa Cha latest collection.

nail trends 02Taupe is the favorite nuance to Chanel. The French company relays on neutral nail colors and chooses to show gray and beige palette to the public. Lately the light pink is also modern when it comes to perfect nails.

nail trend 03Don’t feel afraid to experiment with all the spring colors and add them to your nails!

Nail trend 05

nail trend 04


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