The most famous designers start using leather in their latest collections as a sign that leather outfits are no longer synonyms for bad girls and drunken bikers.

valentino dressLeather is the new classy accessory even for designers like Valentino. In its latest collection, leather outfits are represented with outstanding ruffles and neutral tones.

CelineAnother fashion company, Celine is using the leather as a super deluxe item, which sculptures the curves of the body.

BalenciagaJackets, skirts, boots and even leather jeans are a “must have” in the new fashion season. At the Balenciaga show leather clothes were praised as the new sexy urban look for every woman, who wants to be impressive and modern.

HermesHermès, a brand known for its luxury leather since years, presented its latest collection with elegant halter dresses, made from leather and fabric materials.

Guy LarocheThe talented designer Guy Laroche went even farther offering an asymmetrical leather short skirt, which was called the challenge of the fashion season.

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Christian Dior


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