Jimmy Choo Ltd is one of the leading brands when it comes to high fashion shoes and they have been the must have brand for celebrities for ages. They have integrated style and comfort in exceptional designs which is pretty rare for shoe companies.

Innovations in style and comfort have made Jimmy Choo a famous name in the business.

The 2010 collection is a daring combination of classical lines and outstanding colors nothing short of an exquisite work of art.

Style, comfort and fashion have been integrated in every design in order for the buyer to have a wonderful experience when wearing the shoes signed by Jimmy Choo.

Tamara Melon, the Jimmy Choo designer for the 24/7, the 2010 collection, describes the attitude behind her amazing designs as the express need of the ordinary woman to find in her closet the perfect pair of shoes that would fit any outfit she has hidden in her fashionable wardrobe.

The 24/7 collection is filled with outstanding, elegant shoes, the vivid image of a perfect society girl ready to go out and conquer the world with her amazing walk and her sexy legs.

The “Lewis” is the perfect round toe shoe for the business woman ready to charm the board of administration with her outstanding posture.

The “Quiet’ is the symphony of celebrity illustrated in the most exquisite pep tow sandal ever presented on a fashion catwalk. The high heel, the elegant cut and the perfection of its shining leather make it the “IT” shoe for the diva night all women dream to attend.

Of course the comfortable pumps could not have been forgotten. The “Finlay” brings the exquisite glitter ready to be matched with boyfriend jeans or with a mini skirt and leggings. They are the all day shopping shoes, the “going for a latte” shoes, the shoes you would wear anywhere.

If you plan to be the iconic, fabulous dame, ready to have the world at your feet and always ready to make people stare while you pass them by then “Lockett” is your perfect pointy toe shoe. This is the pair you would wear everyday, fitted with your evening gown, with your cocktail dress and especially with your glamorous clubbing pants.

When we look at celebrities wearing Jimmy Choo’s 24/7 models, we have to notice how much Michelle Obama likes her “Irena” pair.

Classical, medium height heel, round tip and outstanding quality of leather, this design is suited not only for the first lady but also for any lady looking for an elegant pair of shoes she can be fabulous into.

The list can go on for hours and maybe the cherry on the cake is the piece that will for sure be the most hunted item of the 24/7 collection.

The “Lance” is the fashionista’s dream sandal. Amazing strappy design can simply take one’s breath away and this model is the “IT” shoe for the summer of 2010, an elegant poem of exuberant feminine beauty.


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