beyonceEverywhere you look actors, actresses, and singers are dabbling in the world of fashion. They either have their own labels or have hooked up with famous designers and brands to add flair to their lines.

Of course, in our world of television, internet, radio, and movies, celebrities can influence us in countless ways.

To have their names attached to labels means automatic sales. They set trends because we watch what they wear, what they eat, what type of dog they carry around and we follow them.

It is extremely fashionable and profitable to be a celebrity attached to a label.

I can’t help but notice that we, as consumers, purchase what our favorite stars wear because we want to look like them, however, we really don’t know what’s going on behind the scenes.

Stars with their names attached to designer labels include, Keira Knightley, Sienna Miller, Beyonce Knowles and Lindsay Lohan. Keira Knightley does ads for Chanel, earning Chanel a pretty spokesperson, whom many people try to imitate.

Sienna Miller and her sister, Savannah, helped to set off LG’s new Chocolate phone at a recent runway show with their label Twenty8Twelve.

Both Beyonce Knowles and Lindsay Lohan have done advertisements for several different companies, including cosmetic lines and fashion designers. I have to say I am not surprised to see Lindsay Lohan currently a fashion consultant for Italian fashion house, Emanuel Ungaro because young women follow her clothing style and try to imitate it.

With these endorsements, the celebrities are paid a very high price for their promotion. The money that they are paid is worth it because they set the latest trends.

Women and men flock to whatever their favorite celebrity is wearing or using or eating because it’s what’s hot. I have a friend who watches soap operas on her days off, and calls the studio if she sees clothes that her favorite soap actress is wearing.

She has actually gotten the clothes at a very good discount price. That is how much a celebrity can influence someone and this is exactly what designers want and are looking for.

I like that Scarlett Johansson is now the face for Dolce and Gabana’s cosmetic line. Every woman wants to look as sultry and seductive as Scarlett. It was a very good move on D&G’s part.

Both you and I know that designers want their clothing to be associated with the popular celebrities of today because it makes them money.

They are willing to pay these stars to be part of their clothing, jewelry, or cosmetic line because their fans will want it too. What we, the general public, see is the flawless, effortless look that designers and ads want to portray.

Women and men feel that if they purchase the clothes or the shoes, they will look just like their favorite star. What we either don’t know or don’t want to accept is that there is an army of stylists that are behind the scenes.

Have you ever gone window shopping at the mall and seen a dress that was just perfect? It fit the mannequin so well and there was even the perfect matching pair of shoes, handbag and even a hair accessory that went with the outfit? Then, when you go into the store, you realize that the dress has been pinned in the back so that it fits the mannequin’s body like a glove?

This is exactly what goes on behind the scenes for these ads. Celebrities have clothes made for them, they have hair stylists, people who do their nails, make-up artists, and people who match their shoes and handbags.

What I am saying is that when you look at a celebrity and thought that if you bought that outfit you would look just like them, you are essentially comparing yourself to a mannequin. And in the end nobody wants to be just a doll behind a window.


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