Dramatic Eye MakeupIf you are anything like me you strongly dislike wearing a lot of makeup but really like the look of the dramatic eyes.

I have found a way to have fashionable and dramatic eyes while not having to cake on the makeup.

Pick eye colors that will make your eye color pop. There are many different guides to what colors will best compliment your eyes.

You can find these guides in pharmacies and drug stores or online. You can also just go with your gut instinct as to what colors will make your eye color pop. Or you can choose your eye color palette according to what colors you are wearing that day.

Begin by selecting a lighter color eye shadow than your eye color. Apply the lighter color to your upper lid through to the brow area. Apply a darker shade of this color to the lower lash line.

Now apply a darker pencil to the upper lash line from the inner to the outer corners. For an even more dramatic look line the inner rim of the lower lid with the same darker color of pencil.

Now you are ready to apply the mascara. Apply two coats of mascara of either brown or black.


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