The spring and the summer will bring a sexy look to all men who prefer to wear Fuct SSDD, simply because that’s the fashion brand under the spotlights lately.

Their latest collection made a total furor and amazed us with new sexy men look. The collection, named “Erebus” is definitely targeting young men who know the urban party pulse and experience new challenges every day.

The fashion brand is offering 2 pairs of men shorts that will certainly satisfy the taste of the modern men. The shorts are with very impressive pattern and are made to be comfortable.

fuct short

Yet, they are created with zipper pockets and are made to be typical camo shorts. The Japanese brand is offering different patterns and models such as “Geronimo”, made for guys that will spend the summer on some tropic island. Fuct SSDD is also offering different accessories in unison with their already popular shorts.

fuct shorts


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