French jewels were always fascinating, but what the French designer Sophie Theallet is offering is going to be under the spotlights for long time.

Her latest jewels are more than beautiful. They are discreet, elegant and made for those that like to wear fantastic and refined necklaces and earrings.

The designer, famous because her works was chosen by Michelle Obama, cooperated with Finn Jewelry and their first collaboration has an amazing success. The designers were inspired by old children stories and folklore, in which the peasant girl becomes a princess.

finn jeweleryThis is exactly why the collection is filled with symbols and signs for those girls with a dream to go ahead and one day, may become princess.

finn jewelery 01

Gold and rose diamonds are the basic elements of this collection, as well as unique Alhambra shaped medallions. One of the most spectacular models of this stunning jewel collection is the fairytale charm necklace, incrusted with fixed pave diamond star and moon charm with a garnet heart.


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