Have you always found yourself a few trends behind? Have you ever wondered where to get the clothes that are in season? Well, you have to look no further, Chic is here.

Chic is the only trade fair that is dedicated to season fashion, accessories and travel goods. They have the best of the greatest selections from top brands to designer apparel.

In this particular trade show, looking at the things that are displayed for sale is simply a feast for the eye.

Chic boasts of having a relaxed atmosphere that will make it very enticing to buy things that are priced with the buyers in mind.

From Abbacino to Fabretti, from Elizabeth Smith to Zuekoo, the sky is the limit. There are a multitude of famous brands and designers that are selling their items in this trade show.

Barbour Jacket have their own department within the Van Mildert store, located between the Firetrap and G Star Jeans departments and on the same floor as their Stone Island Jackets.

Getting there is simply a breeze. The organizers of Chic made it a target to have the location of this trade fair very easy to reach by any means of transportation.

To top it all off, there is free parking right before the entrance. This contributes to making Chic into a very delightful experience where buying all accessories and clothes is simply too pleasurable to resist.

The organizers offer free shuttle service which will allow visitors to get there by train or plane, and also transport from the railway station or from the airport so the clients can attend Chic and not worry about how they will get there but instead stay focused on buying wonderful stuff.

Pre registration is also a breeze because you can pre register online and be there in time for the trade fair. Chic is opened to international buyers and the organizers have created a website that is user friendly and can be accessed by almost anyone.

One of the most appealing features of this particular trade fair is that most of the top designers are here, the top brands for accessories are present as well as anything related to fashion.

The brands are offering amazing discounts and there is no surprise that the site receives new registrations every minute.

Also, it is so easy to find bargains here that will simply tempt you to buy some more which is a good thing for the people in charge of the event.

It is only natural that having access to the best brands and the best designers would make the people want to attend the event and the sound of discounts would make the quality merchandise a lot more appealing to the general public.

What is even more tempting is, Chic will reunite this year the most powerful brands in beauty area and all the important names in the jewelry industry.

The Chic website says it all. Everyone is welcome to have the time of their lives. It is so easy to find the things you want and even easier to buy them because the event is so well organized and there is something for everyone provided they have money to spend.

There are just a lot of things to choose from and a lot of them will be discounted. Chic is definitely the event a fashionista shouldn’t miss. The organizers of Chic have simply made it one of the best trade shows that UK will ever see.


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