Chanel gave to the world not only fashion, it gave us inspiration, passion and ideas that changed forever the modern look.

Whatever Chanel is creating, it is a creation, made for an eternity. The most iconic Chanel designs are well-known. Now anyone is using their little black dress – a dress to wear for any occasion, without any concerns whether is it appropriate for the event.

Coco ChanelTheir perfume Chanel N.5 is a revolutionary scent since 1921 when it was released by the famous brand creator Coco Chanel.

Another of the brand’s most popular items turns to be their legendary quilted handbag.  Generations of women are fascinated by this elegant bag. It was introduced in 1929. That is the same year, in which Coco was trying to add more glamour at the fashion scene as she presented the pearls as an accessory number one.

chanel's bagThe style of Chanel never had an equivalent, which is why this company is the most popular fashion brand all over the world.


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