polka-dot dressCelebrities can do, say and wear many things we can’t. We would never think of saying some of the things that celebrities say on nationally broadcast awards shows with millions upon millions of viewers.

Additionally it would never occur to us to wear half the things celebrities wear nowadays.

Most of this is because celebrities can literally get away with anything and don’t care what they look like at certain times.

An example of this ‘I-don’t-care’ attitude and the ‘I-can-wear-whatever-I-am-a-celebrity’ mindset is this new look that Megan Fox and Kate Hudson are trying to get away with.

Recently Megan and Kate have been seen wearing men’s fabrics such as wool plaids and such that belong on a suit and they are wearing them in the form of a dress. Not attractive.

Scarlett Johansson may be able to get away with the polka-dot dress look but that doesn’t mean you can or should even try. It is extremely difficult to get the polka-dot look exactly right and to pair shoes and accessories with that ensemble. It is best the average person not try to emulate this look.

Another look that has been seen around Hollywood lately that celebrities shouldn’t even be trying is the horizontal and vertical stripe look. These celebs are pairing black and white horizontal stripes with blue and white vertical stripes. Not a good look.


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