A woman will always admire whatever comes new in the market and everything new however forward and revolutionary will come in her attention. This is why the women of today admire the masculine jackets, the loose, bleached, and worn out jeans, Ugg- boots or military style.

Still appreciating and savoring the latest fashion trends coming as inspirational for the average woman and her figure, a line must be followed in order that sensuality, feminine air, grace and elegance would come out no matter under what clothes we do our best to hide them. This is why some very good advice is needed not to loose grip of what is important on the way to look glamorous and sexy.

So many times the women are encouraged to dress casual but how did the casual fit in the pattern of getting dressed according to one’s age?

A casual spring can be a very good idea and following some simple rules may help a woman look young and always be perfectly dressed following every possible fashion whim.

Being 20- something

Being young usually means you have nothing to hide. That is why, especially when the opportunity presents itself, you can dress exactly as you like with no fear of exaggeration.

Going out, or going shopping with friends, try and get dressed casual but in the same time let your clothes reflect your personality and add a small detail that will make you more visible: high heels, short skirt, a red bag, a top underlining the waistline , a delicate scarf or a shining silk blouse.

30 and flirty and thriving

The certain age that brings with it not only the full feminine power  but also the sense of security and self confidence should be underlined with certain outfit pieces that would come as obvious but also put that certain ”IT” inside the way a woman dresses.

A fur bolero, a dress with flower print, a cardigan colored in pastel colors, neon shoes, a silk scarf or a delicate but outstanding piece of jewelry would fit a casual outfit for an outing with friends while hunting for the latest discounts in the label shops.

The fabulous 40’s

You have reached an age in which the inner balance is worthy of envy, when the woman inside you is strong but also has a certain strength in style. It is a big mistake to try and hide your age and try to dress “younger”.

This age defines a sense of glamour that allows you to be extremely elegant even when being casual so get a pair of youthful jeans in the company of an elegant jacket, a comfortable blouse next to a velvet coat, a cardigan combined with a sexy one color top. Wear high heels or low heels but keep in mind that heels are a must.

The …oh so elegant 50’s

This is the moment when the outfit must match your age but must not under no circumstances make you look it. While going shopping, dining or walking with your friends you can easily choose feminine outfits.

A flower print blouse, a shirt and an elegant but casual jacket are very good ideas. Stay away from graphic prints, neon nuances and stripes.


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