Ballin is a leading menswear company since 1946. This Canadian finest manufacturer is representing style and class in a perfect unison.

The Montreal based manufacture of Ballin is world known for its quality textures and refined man clothing. One of the most famous Ballin products turns to be their unique trousers.

BALLIN vs BUDGET 01Their latest collection is no exception of their guaranteed style. This time the surprise came from the palette they chose.

BALLIN 02Their fashion creations are entirely in neutral colors that change the male fashion vision this season. Ballin avoids harsh dark colors and leaves the colorful men clothes in the past.

BALLIN 03Even their accessories and footwear are clearly in the neutral and tender palette – from ivory to tender apricot colors. Muted tones, clean lines of the trousers and the shirts, inspired by the minimalism style are their latest fashion hits.

BALLIN 04As for the impression that Ballins is trying to present, it is certainly for the modern man that enjoys the simplicity and comfort.





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