ALIFE is certainly a different fashion house for men, or at least a brand that must be chosen only by men with taste.

The creative fashion house revealed its last spring collection and we got the basic idea – their creations are for hard working guys that like to party.

spring 2010 collection

The image of the man of the 21 century is completed by an innovative design and button-down dress line of the shirts.

The T- shirts are made with graphic elements and could be called flirty and funny. Still the line that ALIFE is offering is for men with style.

spring 2010 collection 01

Their new pique polo shirts certainly will surprise the man that wants to escape his office duties and go to party, enjoying his freedom. The trousers are made with high-quality textures.

spring 2010 collection 02

ALIFE offers also colorful blazers in red, blue and yellow. Still, the shirts are in the white palette, but garnished with dark motifs.

spring 2010 collection 03


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