1. Valentino Garavani stilettos

The 2010 collection of Valentino will give him a new name in designer heels. These heels are elegant and are designed with a fairy tale theme with laces on the ankle which will bewitch the younger generation.

This design of shoes are similar to Ash Shoes – You’ll see what I mean when you visit their site.

The beautiful silk lace looks like an ostrich feather and it fits brilliantly on the heel. The shoes were created by London-based milliner Philip Treacy which thought of this amazing idea and made these elegant pieces with a precise craftsmanship and focus on young generation.

Designer : Valentino

2. Lady Gaga’s fashion inspiration

Alexander Mcqueen comes with some of his outrageous platform heels. He designed one of Lady Gaga’s heels in the form of skull which was looking fabulous. The color combination and the 4-5 inches of heel make this one of the most outrageous designs from the 2010 collection.

Two straps are provided for comfort purpose which you can tie up easily. Tone of greys, blue and earth tones along with suitable material gives it a beautiful metal like shining look. Alexander Mcqueen made famous by his unique shoes has once again made a boom with this designer collection.

Designer : Alexandermcqueen

3. Gucci’s Gianni collection

Frieda Gianni has once again presented the bold and seductive image of women by her high heeled shoes designs. She has taken care of the comfort aspect by providing balance through massive platform with complex strapped construction.

The one of the outrageous design of her collection was heels wrapped around legs with wider leather belts. These heels are a must wear with mini skirt. This design is available in classic colors like black, white and gray and F. Gianni hasn’t given attention to decoration but to form and comfort of the shoe.

Designer : Gucci

4. Camilla Skovgaard shoes

This designer is really becoming popular among fashion followers by her beautiful and gorgeous designs that set her apart. This time also she has focused on one form rather than variety and different colors. Her shoes are famous for providing best quality and everlasting comfort.

This time comfort is taken into account by chain cross strap sandal and the price of her designs are moderately high. The shoes have a designer platform which provides a good grip while walking. It’s all the small features provided in her shoes that sets her apart.

Designer : Camillaskovgaard

5. John Galliano designs

The designer is known for his romantic and overwhelming designs and this design is no different. He uses the trend of sky high platform and made the heel with string of pearls attached together.

Other decorative items used were silk patches and polka dot lace used for making a bow. His collection is very artistic but is quite unsuitable for regular work routine as the heels are outrageously high. The designer has a targeted market which would love to wear his designs.

Designer : Johngalliano

6. Dolce and Gabanna collection

The D&G designer collection is always unexpected and outrageous to such an extent which makes it unfit for daily usage. However, the use of black lace and fishnet material makes the shoe more appealing and attractive.

From the front, the designer has given it a shoe like look with laces above the lacy material. The collection is unusual and beautiful too. But again it targets the specified market only and not the general masses.

Designer : Dolcegabbana

7. Bruno Frisoni collection

The designer believes in simplicity, quality and style of the design instead of decorations with huge accessories. Once again the purpose is to provide comfort and not just the design. The booties would be a hit next season and various materials have been used for booties including leather.

This time the designer has used satin as a material for booties which will give a shining look and would provide a more appealing appearance for the fabulous shoes. This design is being made available in dark colors only- black, dark blue, dark green, violet and red.

Designer : Brunofrisoni

8. Giuseppe Zanotti’s ankle boots

This is one of the famous brands for making high boots, ankle length boots with all kinds of designs and decors. This time, for 2010 they have prepared their designer ankle boots collection with little bit of decor giving it a fabulous look. These sandal boots are provided with sliced straps of leather all over the foot.

With reasonably high heel, they are quite comfortable to wear in daily routines. The designer used various kinds of material like silk, leather to beautify the product and the foot is provided with enough exposure with these cut outs leather stripes. The boot is available in classic colors like black, off white and gray.

Designer : Giuseppe-Zanotti

9. Thigh high boots collection

The designer, Stella McCartney has designed the most unusual thigh high leather boots with metal stiletto heels. These boots are a must for every short skirt wearer as it gives an extra charm to the dress. The designer has taken care of the comfort of the foot by providing continuous exposure through small dotes.

These shoes provides an alternative to tights or leggings, you can easily wear over a short skirt or over sized sweater. These boots are basically targeting high fashioned societies those who just need to follow fashion trends without considering climate of the place.

Designer : Stellamcartney

10. Miu Miu collection

The designer has made an elegant pair of shoes with beautifully carved platform heel. The target of this design is grown up women who just love to wear comfortable Mary Jane shoes in their regular routine and also wear the so pretty and child like prints.

The designs are beautifully made on silk cloth and the prints also extended right to the feet of the models. The designer was successful in bringing out the childhood memories through its flowers and animal like prints.

Designer : Miu Miu

11. Fendi’s collection

The designer has blended simplicity with the design. He has used the light weight material that wraps around the leg giving an elegant look. The shoes are having a transparent platform in a rose tinted form.

For comfort purpose, a strap is provided which is being hidden with the extra clothing which is forming a bow at the end. They are available in classic colors like black, brown and dark brown. Over all the design wasn’t extra ordinary but a simple one with comfort.

Designer : Fendi

12. Nicholas Kirkwood’s collection

The shoes are design oriented with platform heel at the back and embossed leather decorations. The design gives a shimmery look with the color combination it has been used on.

The designer is known for his quality pertaining in design and for the comfort of his platform heels. The colors provided are usually dark including violet, black and brown. This exposed design is most suitable for party oriented young generation.

Designer : Nicholaskirkwood

13. Balmain shoes

This leather tribal beaded high heeled elegant shoes show the unique and imaginative mind of the designer. The embossed mesh detail on the leather strap gives it an open shoe tribal look. This design is made to target general masses who can afford it. The same design is also available in flats too.

The color combination used is of personality colors like yellow, black, red. The Balmain shoes are known for their unique designs and best quality.

Designer : Balmain

14. Proenza Schouler collection

The designer tried to give young and fresh look to the designs by using fluorescent colors in their shoes. The design has wedge shaped heel made of snake skin which makes them quite expensive.

The shoes are very comfortable to wear and the focus is on quality and not on decorations. There are various bright colors available in it like yellow woven on black, orange woven on brown and pink woven on blue. This is one of the young and fresh exposed foot collections of 2010.

Designer : Proenzaschouler

15. Ruthie Davis’ collection

Bright colors would be a great trend in 2010. This is again being shown by our designer fabulous stilettos. The designer made the heels with colors like purple, yellow and gem stones instilled on them as an add-on to provide an attractive look to the design.

These shoes can be paired up with evening dresses or gowns for a trendy party. The material used is shining leather which also gives a sex-appeal to the design.

The colors available are pink and purple, dark green with brown and black with pink.

Designer : Ruthiedavis

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