Everyone knows that fashion week is where the magic happens. Be it Paris, Milan, New York or London, the place to see and be seen is at the fashion shows.

italian glam

Every year these shows are held and they bring out the top editors for the style magazines as well as celebrities and yes even members of royalty!

From princesses of Europe to Michelle Obama, there is no telling who might be at the shows.  Not to mention the brand new stunning creations from some of the top designers in the world!

london cool

You will see designs by Marc Jacobs, Burberry, Gucci, Prada and even Stella McCartney. Prepare yourself to be dazzled, not only by the stars, but by the designs that they are there to be seen.

parisian chic

What you need to know is that each show makes popular a certain trend in fashion. The basics are the same but the notes are different so if you plan to make a list about what is fashionable the coming seasons make sure you take notes from all of them.

Source: telegraph.co.uk


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