The world of fashion seems to have rediscovered a long lost sense of elegance and style.

In last week show of couture in Paris, the flower applications have conquered the audience, as well as the silk textures.

While Anna Wintour showed up in a black dress signed Chanel and made of tweed, the sensual Kylie Minogue appeared in a short Dior piece, silvery-gray colored, with her hot summer shoes defying the under zero temperatures outside.

No wonder it was declared at the end of the show that both she and the models will need to return to reality – after such an elegant display inspired, as John Galliano himself admitted, by the otherworldly Belle Époque dresses you can only find in an old British couturier’s workshop.

Just as amazing as the beautiful dresses might have been are the prices they are being sold for: a hand made dress can easily reach 20,000 pounds, only for a start. The maximum price can be even ten times higher!

The fashion seems to center itself once again around the Middle Eastern young queens’ typical outfits.

And if we only remember they are the ones who have saved Lacroix from an imminent shutting down, then their presence o the Parisian catwalk this week is fully understandable as a successful comeback.


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