Latest collection of Yohji Yamamoto at New York Fashion week caused an unexpected reaction. The talented designer included super-heroes in his new collection.

Y-3 autumn winter 2010-11 collectionThe models wore masks and dark cloaks, linked to heroes like Zorro and Scarlet Pimpernel. The last autumn-winter 2010/11 Y-3 collection was described from fashion experts as back to the elegant basis of the sport.

Lately Yamamoto is turning to a shorter, tighter and more wrapped on the body clothes with unusual combination of elegance, sport and eccentric.

Y-3 autumn winter 2010-11 collection 1The printed T-shirts with “63 in love” and “I`m thinking prison break”, jogging and sport suits made of cashmere, as well as the pea-coats are expected to be the most purchased items for this fashion season.

Last collection of Yamamoto was truly a parade bringing back the idea of the sport and elegance as an amazing combination.

Y-3 autumn winter 2010-11 collection 2Yamamoto stole the highlights of New York fashion week using superheroes and putting together clothes, defined as comfort and luxury, hi-tech and customs.


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