The former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham is now world fashion icon. Her popularity and fashion look matches her old band nick name – Posh Spice. Nowadays Mrs. Beckham presented her fourth collection, which was applauded at the New York Fashion Week.

victoria beckham fall 2010 collection 2Her clothes are targeting famous super stars and lovers of luxury posh dresses. So far this turns to be fact, since her dresses are worn by celebrities as Madonna, Elle Macpherson and others.

victoria beckham fall 2010 collectionHer new collection was devoted to the Hollywood glamour and was inspired by Dick Tracy and the legendary dancer Martha Graham. Significant accessories such as gold and silver zips, heavy fabric belts and corsets took major part in Victoria’s show.

victoria beckham fall 2010 collection 1Her models were outfitted with super high-heels, which the designer herself is wearing all the time. The famous asymmetric silhouette of her dresses was shown once again as a part of her brand new collection.

victoria beckham fall 2010 collection 3The colors were intense and it is obviously that former Posh Spice has new favorite colors like emerald and violet.

victoria beckham fall 2010 collection 5The sunglasses, which are always on Victoria Beckham’s face were part of the show and every model was wearing “police” type of sunglasses, which gave the mysterious and chic look to her latest fashion creations.


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