You can probably not remember a time when black wasn’t the height of fashion.

It is a wonderful color and goes with absolutely everything. We all probably have at least one black pair of everything, from shoes to skirts, pants, shirts, even bras and panties.

Black is one of those colors that because of its versatility it has become a must have color in the fashion world.

Now, apparently for at least the spring season, nude is becoming the new black.

Nude is a neutral tone, comfortable and eclectic, worn by fashionistas, supermodels and even actresses on the red carpet and on the cover of the magazines. Whether it is being paired with other colors or just being worn by itself, nude is popping up everywhere.

Because nude is a very basic color, you can actually get a few standard pieces in this shade and mix and match them to create stunning outfits for your wardrobe. Classical, both sophisticated and modern the nuance can be easily matched to create a special outfit for any possible occasion.

With the right blouse, a nude skirt and the right shoes, you can be the talk of the office. Or you can pair a nude blouse with your favorite jeans and boots for a comfortable day out at the mall and turn heads everywhere you go.

Because of the new popularity of the color, nude clothing is all over the stores these days. If you can’t afford the higher priced stores, do not worry. The fashion always makes it to the more affordable stores too.

You will be able to find everything in the nude shade for the spring and summer. From shoes and socks, pants, jeans, shorts, panties, bras, shirts and even bathing suits, you will see nude everywhere you look.

Another good thing about the nude as a color is that in the hot summer months when the sun shines down on you, if you are wearing a dark color like black, the heat will be absorbed into what you are wearing and it will make you hotter.

If you are wearing a lighter color like nude, you will be kept cool for longer because it does not absorb the sun. Who would have thought that wearing the color of the season could also have such a practical use?

If you are still not convinced, the next time you turn on your television; look at the colors the actors and actresses are wearing. If that still does not do the trick, go to your local mall or shopping center. Just keep your eyes open and look at both what people are wearing as well as what is displayed on the hangers in the stores. What color is more predominant?

Nude is the predominant color for the summer. You will see the nude colored fabric everywhere you turn this year. Get used to it. Embrace it and be a fashionable diva.

If you are getting tired of black, have no worries. Nude will still go with everything that black did. You can still mix and match it with everything you always mixed and matched your black items and still be the most elegant fashionista.


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