Katy Perry succeeded to create a very powerful image as a fashion icon in spite of her young years. Her image is very well set and extremely original and that combination alone makes her an inspiration for all the girls of her age.

She always dresses up in an unusual outfit, very colored, in a retro style remembering the extravagant 40’s and 50’s, the infamous pin-up girls or the disco craziness of the 80’s.

The singer is not afraid to approach any color combination, fabrics and style creating from the chaotic mixture she is wearing an ensemble you can’t take your eyes off.

The artist gives a huge importance to the outfit she wears saying that the clothes reflect the personality of any of us. More than that , the “ I kissed a girl” star pretends that after looking at the way a person dresses she can tell if they would get along with each other or not.

Eccentric and always with a wide smile on her lips, extremely free spirited party girl, the singer managed to make herself be noticed through her songs and also through her bold fashion style.

Practically this is the first rule anybody can steal from her: Dare and wear, get crazy and colorful, be the most original one in the crowd!

Katy had a very original style even when she was very young. It is known about her that at only 11 years old she wore a leopard skin jacket and while her school mates were making fun of her choice, their mothers declared themselves enchanted by her outfits.

Three years later she sold her jacket to a second hand shop to be able to refresh her wardrobe with more items ready to define her unusual style.

Kathy Perry is for sure a model to follow as fashion style is concerned. She is original , sometimes to the extremes, she is not afraid to make the most outstanding combinations, she is into very colored clothes, cartoon prints and shows a true passion for vintage clothes.

The way she succeeds in combining all of these with a very creative hairstyle, proves that in a world of image marketing, she is the star out of the box ready to prove that she is the one making the clothes shine.

A trick she uses quite often is the way she chooses the most interesting accessories. Be it a head band, a special belt, strong colors on shoes or a purse in the strangest shape and size, she manages to be the eye catcher both on the red carpet and on the street.

And if the accessories are not the distinctive note in her outfit then prints are for sure. It is very rare that we have the opportunity to see her wearing just one color.

Katy copies no one. She has created her own style and she shows it with confidence whenever she has the opportunity to do so. So follow her example, be bold, dare and go ahead in the quest of being original and always ready to make the best of any outfit.


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