Preppy dressingSo you have been dressing Indie or grunge or maybe Emo for years now and you are ready to change your fashion and style.

Have you considered dressing preppy for awhile? Preppy is a fun way to change your fashion style for a brief period of time and to have fun with clothes.

The most important thing to remember about dressing preppy is most of it is in the attitude.

You’ve heard the saying ‘oh that was so popped-collar cool’ or, ‘that was two popped collars cool’. This epitomizes the mentality behind dressing preppy.

Safe bets for shopping for your new preppy fashion and preppy clothes wardrobe are J. Crew, Bloomingdales, Lacoste, Ralph Lauren, Ann Taylor, Tommy Hilfiger (but be careful as some of Hilfiger’s stuff is borderline gangsta clothing), Burberry and Brooks Brothers. Remember preppy can run through your work wardrobe that you have for your career as well as your going-out on the weekend and date wardrobe wear.

Preppy is bubbly and preppy is sociable. Preppy is polite and holding doors open for people. For preppy think ‘mama’s boy’.

Staples for the preppy wardrobe are a Rugby shirt, oxford shirts, polo shirts, khaki pants and chino pants with cuffs.


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