You have to say one thing about Louis Vuitton; they can never be accused of lack of imagination.

louis vuitton bags

And you may not like the company but you have to admit that a great many people covet the signature monogrammed handbags and feel that it gives them much more status to be seen with this distinctive brand.

There are skeptics who say the new spring line looks like garbage bags and they actually do a little. It is a new look and the finished product takes advantage of the garbage analogy as an aesthetic way. They have a classic worn and shabby look that brings a sense of hippy-chic and folk music.

Marc Jacobs is now in the top spot of the design team and has shown through the years that he knows what he is doing. While there are lots of browns in the collection they harmonize rather than clash.

Maybe Marc is onto something this year. A new rustic, shabby-chic trend?


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