peacoatsWho doesn’t love wearing vintage t-shirts and diesel jeans? Well if this describes your fashion taste you are most likely a borderline Indie fashion fan.

The basics to dressing Indie are different for different seasons. For any season you can wear vintage t-shirts and diesel jeans, raglans, and flannel and be Indie at the same time.

One main thing to remember about dressing Indie is you need to avoid all things preppy and all things mainstream although lately Indie has been accused of being a mainstream fashion forward trend.

Avoid Abercrombie & Fitch, Hollister and American Eagle at all costs as these brands are too trendy and preppy to be Indie style.

In the warm months women can dress Indie by wearing tanks and baby doll tank tops. In the cooler months such as fall and winter, women can dress Indie by wearing peacoats and cardigans.

Men in warmer months can wear flannel and layers with vintage t-shirts to be Indie styled and in the cooler months men can wear vintage leather, vests and sweater vests as well as track suit jackets and maintain an Indie look.

Indie shoes? Converse is a great way to maintain the Indie look with your shoes and go with just about everything.


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