The Fall fashions are in and they look great. I have a lot of shopping to do this season and I am loving the diva-like styles. Divas are sexy, classy, and they know what they want and so do l.

Also, my best friend’s wedding is coming up and I know exactly what I want. It will be easy to match what I already have to what I buy this season because the styles are timeless and graceful.

bridesmaidFirst of all, my best friend’s wedding is the highlight of the season and it requires that I look my absolute best. Luckily, I am going to be her maid of honor and she has great taste.

I won’t be in a dress that makes me look as if I were going to my junior high school prom. It is sleek and glamorous and the best part is I can wear it again and again. It just needs one last touch to make it perfect.

When I imagine “diva” I automatically see a picture of the eternal diva, Audrey Hepburn. The one icon I always treasure for being a model of chic and glamorous. That is why, I am going to purchase those beautifully long gloves that she made all the rage.

I think a pair of black gloves that go past my elbows would pull my outfit together and go so well with the low cut gown I will be wearing. I might just steal the limelight from the bride…

red pea coatAutumn is my favorite season and this Fall I feel amazing. I won’t have to get a new coat because my English pea coat is still in style.

It is a beautiful deep red that looks great with everything I wear and is a wonderful explosion of color that mirrors the changing leaves of this season I love.

I will have to buy a few accessories that will go well with my coat, like those cute black boots with the chains that caught my eye.

And of course there’s that fierce hat that hearkens back to Audrey and maybe a sparkly scarf to keep me warm.

This Fall’s trends are all about the ageless beauty that is the sexiness of divas, and I recently bought a black cocktail dress that is gorgeous and goes so well with the diva style.

Every woman needs a little black dress, and I have three, but my most recent acquisition is simple yet enduring. It has touches of lace throughout and I am glad that my favorite aunt gave me her lace purse because it is a perfect match.

My aunt Frances is kind and charitable but she also knows when to say “no with a smile”. She is the quintessential diva who can do anything without a hair out of place.

She recently gave me a sweet, little, lace purse and I think she saw me eyeing a terrific blouse in her closet but she only shook her finger at me and winked. Oh, well…maybe next season.

Another great buy was a fabulous pencil skirt that I have to make up my mind and wear. I think it would go so well with my pea coat. It is sleek and provocative, with just a slight slit on the side. I think I’ll wear it tomorrow with that beautiful, asymmetrical blouse.

You know what this means don’t you? I need to buy a pair of flirty black heels to go with it, and maybe an adorable new bag too. Well, come on, let’s go.

When the leaves turn and the air gets chilly, you know it is the Fall season. I love these trends and I love being able to dress and act like a diva.


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