emo fashionNow that you have at least considered the Emo look and maybe you have since mastered the look you need to get down the Emo attitude.

The Emo attitude is an all-encompassing attitude from the way you carry yourself, the music you listen to and likes and dislikes.

To truly be Emo you need to have the following bands in your iPod playlist: Thrice, Refused, Thursday, Onlinedrawing, Cohead and Cambria and Desaparecidos.

Once your iPod playlist is appropriate for your new Emo attitude and lifestyle you need to learn what to like and dislike to truly be Emo.

You need to like making out, scene points and the guest list and you must dislike boys who break their edge, paying for shows and by all means you must dislike Avril Lavigne.

Your screen name on AOL must have something to do with …one thousand tears… and you should have apart from your Emo fashion, several secrets such as you must have cried at your first Dashboard concert.

In addition to the Emo fashion and having cried at your first Dashboard concert you also should have just thrown out your Blink 182 posters last week and you own every midtown CD.


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