donna karanDonna Karan may have left her fashion education incomplete, but she insists that going to school is essential as it gives a personal time to discover their essence and give their abilities a chance to blossom.

Personally she was lured away by a job offered by Anne Klein while she was still a sophomore.

She is now back at her alma mater Parsons School of Design, to help launch a new Masters in Fine Arts program which will be known as “Fashion Design and Society”.

Another program, MA in fashion Studies was also announced. Both these programs are expected to start this fall. The MFA is studio based and aims at fostering experimentations, whereas the MA will focus on theory.

Karan feels that the country needs some really good graduate programs in fashion to help students move forward in their conceptions and creativity. She feels that the designer needs to be able to view their design in context with the society they live in.

Karan herself is a socially conscious designer who has designed collections addressing societal concerns ranging from working women, to HIV/AIDS to her revolutionary “Seven Easy Pieces” collection. The latest philanthropic move from Karen is “Tent Today, Home Tomorrow”, to help the victims of the Haiti earthquake.


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