The fashion scenes are full at the moment: the newest trends for the spring season, mixtures of style and functionality to match these times of crisis, and oh so many options.

Alexander Wang hits the catwalks and the stores with another stunning  collection: the somewhat bizarre, funky and nature inspired accessories. You will be able to order them online too pretty  soon, but until then let us wave a look at what is in store from the fabulous Alexander Wang.

Bags and shoes ready for any occasion you can possibly think of if you are planning to be anything but conventional. Some of the pieces de resistance have been shown on the catwalks, admired and desired from the last year’s late September and now they are preparing to hit the market and make some clients happy.

One of the most practical of them all is undoubtedly the all day all night shoe imitating leopard skin called Natasha and it is probably on the to do list of many ladies of all ages for this coming week.

And no wonder it is so, since many of them are already tired of exchanging pairs of shoes for different events; this is one you can wear almost anywhere on one condition: matching it with the right outfit and accessories. And you can buy the latest from Alexander Wang. Why not?

Source: elle


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