Draw your breath in and hold it right there as you admire this elegant stiletto from Giuseppe Zanotti. This chic silver leather sandal studded with Swarovski Crystals does cause the heart to flutter.

Elegantly designed, this pretty footwear is sure to hold the pride of place in the owner’s shoe stand. Perfect for an evening out, they will look great with elegant evening gowns and even chic dresses. If your dress has bling-bling in it these sandals will complement it, and if the dress is a sober affair they will add glamor to it.

These pretty heels can be yours for $995. Not all of us can afford these expensive sandals but we sure can admire them and envy those who own them. The $ sign used as an integral part of the design makes it look more desirable and adds to its glamor. The $ sign is completely studded with crystals making it even more precious.

This designer stiletto was published in a recent issue of the Elle magazine and must have caused a flutter among those who can afford it and a little heart burn among those who can’t.

Watch the red carpet, and you may soon spot a glitterati flaunting it.


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