The first luxury phone by Versace will soon be on the market.

The Italian fashion house based in Milan is not marking a premiere, although this sector is quite new for the designing brands.

Prada was one of the first to design a precious mobile phone and release it on the market; it was closely followed by Giorgio Armani, who established a price of about one hundred dollars for its shiny portable creation launched this October.

Nonetheless, Versace is expected to bring something astonishing in his product and probably attach a price matching its quality.

Versace, one of the top choices of celebrities worldwide, has recently launched its first collections in jewelry and watches (not to mention the brand new features of interior design wearing the signature of the same famous fashion house) and did not yet announce a price for the phone it will launch in collaboration with Mode Labs Group.

One thing is for sure: the clients shall be selected this late January at the Paris Haute Couture Week where the valuable phone will be shown for the first time.

The most recent event patronized by Donatella Versace was the launch of the 2010-11 autumn-winter collection for men, which was a big success in Milan.


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