1. Romantic feeling

2009 brought up the ultimate romantics on the fashion stage and in the wonderful summer parties. Fluid fabrics, lace, sheer materials, floral pattern, princess style dresses and hairstyle remembered the most of the feminine nature for this year.

It was thought like a wave of song in fashion, a spring of creativity, a statement of feminine charm precious and overflowing.

Source: fashionising.com

2. One shoulder dresses

Sexy and in same time chic, the one shoulder dress was the “IT” item for the raving clubbing nights. It was the right way to adventure in a world of colors, sparkling fabrics, and the long lost combination of the sexiest fashion ever. One shoulder dresses raved on the red carpet at Hollywood, on the silhouette of the US first lady, complimented a lovely night out and they are a keeper for the wardrobe of 2010. So don’t throw them out just yet.

Source: fashion-era.com

3. Bejeweled

Sparkling and glittering, amazing combination of bejeweled fabrics prowled the streets from spring to summer. They made statement of how precious a woman can be and complimented not only the night gowns but also the cocktail outfits and even the office suit. It was a chic trend we are sorry to see ending.

Source: girldir.com

4. Bouffant

Well, especially for the fall, too much it was not enough. We saw it at the Grammies, at the Oscars; it came on jackets, imposing large sleeves, large shoulders, and fabulous lines announcing the 80’s comeback for 2010. It was a way of remembering the lady like outfits, not advertising the dress up for a good girl but sooner imposing a monochromatic style, bouffant and sexy and also larger than life.

Source: girldir.com

5. Leggings

It was a moment for sexy legs and high heals to come back. Leggings were back in the most creative colors from black to rainbow, proudly accompanying short skirts, fabulous blouses but also short and sexy tops. They were seen with boots, sandals or wonderful fluffy dresses. They were the right outfit for anywhere and the best way to catch the eyes of everyone.

Source: paperblog.fr

6. Hot bohemian summer

Long, free spirited outfits brought back the light fabrics, comfortable outfits, spectacular trousers, harem pants, glorious come back of a dream époque when being sexy was not necessarily revealing. The roman sandals were so in vogue and so was the long wavy hair. It was the best of the best and the loveliest way to be feminine, casual, and chic.

Source: glamourvanity.com

7. Bohemian vs. Russian dolls

The opulence hit the fashion podiums in spite of the recession. The heavy fabrics, complicated designs and elaborated embroidery was all connected with fur and complicated jewelry bringing for the fall and winter 2009 the best in the luxurious tsarina outfits next to the musketeer boots and flower power prints.

The joy of this opulence made elegant outstanding women walk the streets of a year full of controversial events. It was bold, creative and fabulous.

Source: fashionising.com


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