It is always said that trend comes back from time to time. The hairstyles trends for 2010 make no exception. The New Year brings with itself the need for change and what better way than to change your hairstyle, whether you choose a new color or a new cut. This year the vintage 40s to 70s look is back.

What is sexier in a woman than the natural, messy looks? So don’t bother too much this year to cut your hair. The must have of the season is the long, natural hair. Whether you choose for wavy or straight hair, it’s all in trend.

Also if your hair didn’t have time to grow then you should know that the short wet looks are back. Also these years’ trends in terms of hairstyles are inspired from French culture. If you opt for a ponytail or a knitted tail, don’t forget that it doesn’t have to be perfect. The messier your hair looks, the trendier you will be.

The color of 2010 is definitely blonde, whether it’s light or dark. If blonde doesn’t suit you then you should know that whatever you do, you should choose a definite color like really red or really black.

A man will always find the natural looks of a woman sexy so don’t be afraid to be who you are this year. It’s hip!

Source: fashionising


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