I was looking over the great number of fashion articles and fashion magazines that thicken the rows of fashion advice and I have found the word” fashionista” in almost each and every one of them.

The so trendy term that is supposed to define a woman very much into fashion, passionate about labels, designers and trends, is populating the fashion related sites and media becoming the new ”IT” in the fashion slang.

woman shoppingBut what is a “fashionista”? I find it very interesting that the term has a powerful feminine sound; it relates strongly to women, shopping and passion for fashion.

So a “fashionista” is a creature of style, glamorous and fabulous, wearing the sensible amount of label clothes, the right amount of “bling-bling”, the latest hairstyle and… the list can go on.

Saying this I have to ask: “Am I a fashionista?” After the above definition, it’s not likely I will ever be, but overlooking the notion that “riding” the trend makes you a “fashionista” I have to admit that there is more to the definition of the word than just the one above.

I just have to evaluate the term from a wider and not so precise perspective. From this point of view a “fashionista” is a person, not necessarily female, who knows labels and designers and who is capable to evaluate them not always in a positive manner.

She or he is an authority in fashion trends and tendencies, knows which dress goes with which shoes, what hairstyle goes with an outfit and what makeup one should wear while going out.

A “fashionista” knows where sales are but most important what one should buy on sale, and has a very clear image and opinion about the sensible amount of cash one should spend on an item of fashion.

A “fashionista” is the one recommending a product after trying it and liking it or simply crucifying another because it didn’t meet the standards.

fendi bagThe “fashionista” is the person who can make the difference between a label Fendi bag and a fake one and can pick a Ray Ban pair of original glasses from a box full of replicas.

I believe the term defines a creature of style, spirit and creativity capable to recognize the fashion as his or her own thing, one who is not afraid to go for an outrageous outfit but in the same time is ready to dismiss the lack of good taste in fashion.

I like to call “fashionistas” women and men than are not afraid to speak their mind about a fashion trend instead of immediately adopting it and, also people that are ready to discuss the style of a celebrity and evaluate it correctly.

Am I describing a fashion critic? Maybe I am, but in my opinion the term “fashionista” describes a lot more than a fashion addict.

We are smart enough to see the style, clever enough to judge it and fashionable enough to choose the one that suits us best.

And that…dear, “fashionistas” of the world, is what describes best our passion for fashion.


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