When did the fashion become all skinny and especially designed to fit fairy creatures of XS sizes, plate chest, wasp waistline and in existent stomach?

Leaving apart the theory that the trends by themselves in cooperation with designers may turn out as being the result of a women hater industry, one has to ask how come all the beautiful designs we see prowling on the catwalk are not fit to accommodate figures having the bra size larger than the one of a skinny teenager.

The designers of the last 2 decades kept the same lines for the feminine figure outfits. The ideal female silhouette is very tall, with long skinny legs complementing the short skirt and skinny jeans, a tiny waist and small breasts perfect for the Balmain jacket or the tiny dresses a normal woman would never fit.

By normal, we mean, of course, those women that have the possibility to spend a lot of cash on a designer outfit and spend a whole afternoon in the shopping malls hoping and praying they will find a piece able to fit their chest size.

The point is: there are women who do not need to lose weight, having a fabulous figure and posture and also a delightful looking body. They also have a larger size in bra for the delight of the straight male public and that makes very hard for them to actually find a size that would compliment their figure.

Maybe designers should take that under consideration when releasing a new line…


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