Boot cut jeansAre you skinny and don’t have hips or a waist? Are you curvy and voluptuous? Are you short and petite and always have to shorten your jeans?

Are you long legged and can never find jeans that don’t look like you are waiting for a flood? Or maybe you have a long torso and short legs and trouble finding jeans that don’t hang in the crotch area.

We have researched many different kinds of jeans to provide you the best jeans for any body type.

  1. Boot cut jeans are the perfect every day jeans for any and every body type. Red Engine makes a great boot cut jeans that gives ample and generous room in the waist area for those of us with a little more tummy area than we would like. The flared boot cut legs help to offset any attention given to the tummy area.
  2. Another type of jeans that is good for those of us with a little more tummy area than we would like are the slim cut and dressy style jeans. For those of us with a tummy we can get a cotton lined waistband which will rest very softly on our stomach and not squeeze the skin. For those of us with slight tummy issues we know how it is when our jeans squeeze our tummy skin.
  3. Now if you have an hour glass figure and are what we women like to affectionately refer to as ‘voluptuous’ there is a whole new set of jeans issues. First of all keep in mind if you have an hour glass shape this does mean you have a little waist. Therefore look for jeans that are higher in the back which will a) flatter your waist and b) cover your back end. Boot cut jeans are everyday jeans that are fashionable and very flattering for an hour glass figure.
  4. Express makes a great pair of dressy jeans for the hour glass figure. The dark denim trouser has tabs on the sides of the waistband for more flattery of the waist as well as are bigger around the legs and boot cuffs for a baggy and slouchy yet trendy look.
  5. Have full hips and fuller thighs? Look for jeans with a contoured waist that come up higher in the back however the front of the jeans shouldn’t come too high.


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