Things get smaller these days: from our budgets to our bags.

But there’s no need to panic ladies! Phones, iPods, everything is getting smaller now so even if the trend in terms of fashion changed this season you will still have plenty of room for all your stuff to put in your smaller bag.

No matter the texture, print or color of your bag, it just has to be smaller this year!

So throw away those big bags that looked more similar to travel suitcases, or keep them, as you never know when the trend comes back and you will be able to put them back in use.

Start shopping today for a new stylish smaller bag in which you will be able to store all your precious items when going out. You might also want to sort your lugging as you might find having a lighter bag more comfortable than 22 pounds of make-up hanging on your shoulder.

Are you sure you needed all of those extra items found in your over-sized bag? Consider taking a sample of a perfume rather than the whole bottle and you’ll see how much space you’ll save.

It’s better for your health also, so the smaller the bag, the lighter it will be.


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