If you want to dress “by the book” this coming spring, here is one piece of detail you would definitely not want to miss out on: the lingerie-inspired clothes appear to be one of the biggest trends for the spring of 2010.

The materials they can be made of vary from satin to velvet and you should also include laces and bows in the picture, to make it complete. The Vogue Magazine’s stylists also recommend you to wear daring dresses, with an intelligent design and a touch of intricate design that could only make you look ravishingly feminine.

You might be wondering what colors they recommend, and right you are. It might surprise you, but the nuances do not resume to the classical and very elegant black; the designers’ suggestions also include cream and blush pink.

Of course, no matter what combination you try, you must keep your eyes focused on the matching of the pieces and of course on the tiny details that matter a lot for you would not want to transform what you thought to be the look of the evening into something close to ridiculous. The Lingerie inspired pieces are known to be some of the most hard to assort clothing, so be very careful.


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