Emily Blunt’s appearance at the tea party following this year’s edition of the BAFTA Awards in Los Angeles was breath-takingly elegant.

Her cobalt dress signed by renowned Carolina Herrera seems to have taken everyone by surprise, after getting used to her Victorian style of dressing on the screen. In the backstage and especially in her private life though, Emily Blunt seems to be no more than a casual lady, planning a long lay down after the ceremony and a lot of coffee and croissants in the morning, as she declared for People magazine.

As for the choices she needs to make in terms of dressing, she says she usually needs to choose between a brave outfit or a safe one. And the deciding process is not as complicated as you might imagine. She does what every woman does: asks the opinion of her trusted ones and then goes with the flow.

There is one person you might expect her to ask for opinions from (but she does not), and that is her partner (soon to become husband), John Krasinski, and that is simply because he always allows her to follow her own ideas. Isn’t it comforting and encouraging knowing some people actually do that in our times?


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