Out of the series “how is economical crisis reflected in fashion”, today  we are presenting Rag&Bone’s version of… going back to the basics, that is utility and comfort, less glitter and more knit.

As for the manner of distribution, the last couple of years has been marked rather by wider inter-store collaborations and dispersed lines than by the dictation of some small and fashionable labels. Marcus Wainwright and his partner at Rag&Bone, David Neville is setting up the tone this season with no less than 3 distinct companion lines.

Their suggestions are based on the current tendency of customers to remain oriented towards the old and jumpy but keep looking for new ways to get what they like. So what we will get from them will be basic knitwear, lots of jeans and shirts.

The lines shall be characterized mainly by functionality and you will find among them, creators say, the essentials of a wardrobe belonging to a modern young woman. All the products will be available in stores starting next month and our advice is… don’t be shocked if you will find them pretty menswear style. The concept is, let us not forget, back to the basics, and what it is promising to bring is a wide space for experimenting on the long run. Good luck with that!


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