Leather, leather and more leather this spring.

Loewe brings a new vintage unique touch to this season’s must have clothing. The pieces presented all include suede this spring. One might say that leather has nothing to do with the usual trends for the beginning of the year. Oh, but it does when designed and cut so beautifully.

The Spanish company has made some revolutionary technological advances in processing leather so it reached the level where this material became paper-fine, suitable for pretty little dresses like the ones presented in this collection for spring 2010.

Also a must have from this collection are the coats worn for every outfit. The classic fashion lovers will for sure adore them. Another important aspect lies in the details and perforations of the suede which give a final touch to this trendy collection.

Not to mention the grays, kakis, purple or the sandy beige combined with a perfect nuance of orange.

The classic Amazona bag matches perfectly with these stylish, vintage and sexy outfits Loewe proposes in the 2010 campaign. One might find the small pieces of clothing proposed like the small dresses, visible bras or short pants outrageous. But what is fashion if not being unique and shocking the world with something new and daring every season?

Source: nymag


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