This year’s French couture spring-summer season opens with an unsettling collection signed by Thimister: “Bloodshed and Opulence”.

The designer, age 47, of Russian and Dutch origin says his intention expressed through the collection was an attempt to make the voice of fashion heard.

And what he means to say is that the rough split Europe suffered during the Communist era is not yet healed and that people are still looking for ways to transcend it.

A preview published by The Sunday Telegraph shows a rather scary collection of Cossack jackets, overalls and jodhpurs with fake blood stains on, army coats made from military surplus scrap and pants worked from survival blankets.

After working as a design consultant for the last 10 years as a cause of complete lack of funds, Thimister is now returning to the catwalk of haute couture with the generous help of Didier Grumbach, president of the Federation Française de la Couture, who will cover the costs of production and putting on the stage for this collection from his personal savings.

Also, Thimister shall receive a grant of 5,000 euro that he can pay back in clothes or cash. Some of the famous customers of the Thimister brand in the 1990s were Madonna, Carole Bouquet and Mouna Ayoub, a Lebanese millionaire.



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